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Evitsu Evitsu little page of "wussat?"
Explaining terms and lines that pop up in the comic and....uh...you might not understand. (Email me if you see something else you want explained.) Note that this might contain spoilers if you're reading this page before reading the comic for some reason.

  • Evitsu Evitsu - Literally translates to "Lovely Lovely." Is more slang for "it's a lovely day and you're looking lovely too." First seen used by Hunter in Chapter 11 of Demonic Boppu.

From EE #1

  • "the death god is covering his daughter's ears" - Refers to the devils Mugendie and Sevitsuna. Mugendie appears in Demonic Boppu, but his daughter is only mentioned once, in Chapter 12, by Pyx. Sevitsuna is the goddess of Love.
  • "official idiot hall leader" - Refers back to a comment made by Malice at the beginning of Chapter 11 of Demonic Boppu.
  • Note: During most of the semester demons can't leave campus - Just as it says. For some unknown reason, demons who are students cannot leave campus while classes are in session. They're only allowed off campus during special weekends and breaks. Demons who aren't students or faculty generally aren't allowed on campus either. (And yes, there's patrols on the campus borders. It's rather strict.)
  • "If you didn't grow up, you couldn't have sex." - Peacock says this because, in fact, baby form demons don't have external genitalia.

From EE #2

  • Havoc on campus? - Normally he'd have no reason to be on campus, but he sorta pulled rank (being the crown prince's boyfriend and all) to get on campus for a few minutes.
  • sheet scores - The demon term that merges sheet music and music scores. Demons write their music in a slightly different format from humans.
  • "my hairdresser can" - Referring to Hunter, of course.
  • Caiitsu - A long series of very extensive training classes and tests that some Verphes choose to undergo. If a Verphe can reach the black level in the classes (the highest rank), then it makes it much easier for them to become a runner for the royal family. This is a very desired and enviable positon. (Verphe normally function as transport vehicles when they're adults.) The royal family usually employs about 30 Verphes for this purpose, with a dozen of them being in active duty at one time. The royal family will not hire a Verphe that doesn't have a black level rank in their Caiitsu training.
  • "because that's what the Kuay-clan does" - Here RoseN is referring to the fact that not all Verphes bother with the Caiitsu training, since it's not required for normal transport work. Roz's family, however, over the last few million years, has dedicated itself to producing new runners for the royal family. The most recent one was Roz's great aunt Suzi, who is seen several times in Demonic Boppu. The Kuay family has had so many of its members become royal runners, that eventually the Crowne gave the family the permission to use the suffix "-clan" with their name. (This is usually limited to Synth dragons, Stellar dragons, Nightmare phoenixes, and Smoke angels.)
  • "you have a healer with you" - Salt is referring to the fact that Sympliss dragons, despite their small size, are naturally gifted healers. However, it take a lot of training to make this gift useful.
  • "I had to get a special tutoring pass..." - Malice says this because normally she wouldn't be able to go on campus. Since she didn't have any real academic reason, Malice went to her brother and used her connections to get on campus.
  • three/four months - Months in Hell are 40 days long. So in saying this, Malice and Peacock haven't seen each other in person in about 140 days. Over four months on our calendar.

From EE #3

  • The uniforms - I'm lazy, but you might be able to notice that the male and female uniform shirts have different coloring. The male has a light stripe in the middle, and the female has the dark stripe. So Azo, who's technically both male and female, is usually seen wearing the male uniform top.
  • Cell? - Yes, the demons have cell phones. However, usage of them is absolutely prohibited in classrooms (they don't work), which is why Peacock ran out. They work better than our cell phones too.
  • "leave your cloister?!" - Mitzu here is making fun of the fact that Kae rarely leaves their room, and is usually crammed off in some tight space. (Usually under his bed.)
  • supra grada voice - As the note says, this means "flawless and of perfect clarity/pitch." Like the Verphes and running, the Nightmare phoenixes were created to sing (for the most part). When they first reach their mid form, they usually take a voice test to see how good their voice is. Scores range from 1 (lowest) to 12 (highest), and the marker "duvos". Duvos means that the singer's voice isn't good enough yet for a 1. Nightmare phoenixes often compete for choice singing jobs in the temples, and will train to get a score of 12. What Mitzu is saying is that when Peacock took his first voice test, he scored a perfect 12, which is almost unheard of.
  • "-line" - The term used in demon music for chords. Refers to how the notes are written on score sheets.

From EE #4

  • "Uncle Kishu" - You finally get to meet Denbue Kishu! I created him a long time ago, but never go around to drawing the story he was supposed to be in. He's on campus because he teaches art classes.
  • "-shum" - This is a term used when you're addressing a relative that is separated from you by several generations. Denbue isn't really Salt's direct uncle (they do still have the same last name though). Since Denbue is almost 450,000 years older than Salt, the younger demon uses "-shum" in reference to him. The fact that Salt also calls him "Uncle" means that he still keeps in somewhat regular touch with his younger relations.
  • Yes, Roz really does drink all the damn time.
  • "Don't fucking fuck up you stupid fucking fucker!" is my homage to Blink-182, and a few other bands.
  • "Vatue!" (seen in the crowd's words) - a term used by crazed demon fangirls. Sort of like randomly squealing "Buttsex!" 

From EE #5

  • "..that time we were in Dessonde.." -- The lyrics to the song that Peacock sings in part 5 were written by Havoc. The lyrics relate, roughly to things that happened when he and Olivine were in Dessonde. I'm not sure if it relates to Chapter 12 of Demonic Boppu or not. ^^;
  • "..I laughed so hard I nearly choked.." -- Making fun of myself here. When I laugh too long, I start choking.
  • "Ever since we grew up..." -- I realize that Roz's line here is a bit misleading. While it may seem they've been "grown up" for a long time, it's really probably only been around 25-30 years. (Very short time for demons.)
  • OMG, shirtless Salt=squee! And, uh... demons don't have nipples. They're not mammals. 
  • Who are these people?! Er, demons?!  -- I had a hard time figuring out how to end the comic, so shuddup. The end of the comic skips forward a few thousand years. So, who are all these demons?
  •     Pekidante - You've seen Pekidante before, and I've been waiting years to draw him in a comic. He was hinted at in the ending chapter of Demonic Boppu, and also appeared as a baby on a few pages earlier in Evitsu Evitsu.
  •     Clarion - (light blue hair, blue eyes) Malice and Peacock's oldest daughter.
  •     Amerayne - (dark blue hair, green eyes) The 2nd daughter. Amerayne eventually plays guitar for Violet North, and also is a fairly popular solo artist.
  •     ? - To be honest, I haven't come up with a name for the 3rd daughter yet. She's the little red stellar dragon baby flying around wanting cake.
  •     Violet - The adopted daughter of Salt and Rosen. The little purple kitt does look like she could be their kid, but it's just coincidence.
  • And yes, Malice is pregnant with twins. 

And that's all! E-mail me if you have any more questions.


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