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(Character profiles are accurate as of the start of chapter 10, so they might contain a few spoilers! You can also now click on each character's image to see a page that they were on. Again, spoilers might be there too! So...yeah!)

Main Cast
(The Good Guys)

Havoc Galena-clan
Age: 2319 [23]
Height: 6'01"
Species: Stellar dragon (also half Smoke angel)
Family: Malice (older twin sister); older sister Patrisse, Mother and Father, Le-Gran
The clueless bishounen 'hero' of Demonic Boppu, Havoc has unwittingly fallen under the romantic radar of a certain dragon prince. He's still cute and charming, but now also a little more confused than usual. ^^ (And he also recently got a makeover, so he looks a bit different!)
Malice Galena-clan
Age: 2319 [23]
Height: 5'09"
Species: Smoke angel (also half Stellar dragon)
Family: Havoc (younger twin brother); older sister Patrisse, Mother and Father, Le-Gran
Malice is still a bitch, but losing the Caster magic seems to have mellowed her out a bit. She's usually seen with Peacock in tow.
Olivine Isobel-clan
Age: 5198 [almost 52]
Height: 5'11"
Species: Synth dragon
Family: Father, Mother, 2 younger sisters (Melanite and Pyrope)
The overdramatic dragon prince. Oli has claimed Havoc as his own, but is still working on gaining his trust. (Stabbing a guy will ruin that, you know.)
Age: 1948 [19 1/2]
Height: 5'04"
Species: Hell rabbit
Family: Hoppu (little brother)
Meranda seems to have lost Havoc, but she probably won't give up that easily. She works at her part time job, and is usually followed by Hoppu and Colquitt.
Peacock Akumu-clan
Age: 1505 [15]
Height: 5'06"
Species: Nightmare Phoenix
Family: Mother, Father, 3 older sisters
Peacock is still cute, still soft spoken, and still follows Malice around all over, even if it means risking meeting the teethies of a baby lava monster.
Colquitt Hellcatt
Age: 437 [4]
Species: Hellcat
Family: Mother, Father, and 24 siblings
Still stupid and oblivious of the drama that surrounds him. Colquitt is almost always seen with Hoppu, who in turn seems to follow Meranda... (And yes, he still has Pu-Kitten. The doll was just up at the counter with Meranda during chapter 7.)
Age: 390 [almost 4]
Species: Hell rabbit
Family: Meranda (older sister)
What can be said about Hoppu? Well.. he still only knows three words (Hoppu, boppu, puppa!), and he's still hungry. Really hungry. Is usually found with Meranda and Colquitt.
Hunter Pizzaro
Age: 8,206,512 [82,065, 42nd cycle]
Height: Between 5'6" and 7'6"
Species: Catemeransk
Family: No immediate family
This cute tentacle monster continues her lifelong pursuits of making things pretty, doing hair, and putting in the occasional grope. What else is s/he gonna do? ^^;
(The Bad Guys)
Age: (exact unknown) at least 15,000,000 [150,000 in demon terms]
Height: 7'01"
Species: Devil (not a demon)
Family: Mother, sister Meriadarie
Power Rank: 4th
Patronal Element:
Despite his odd appearance, Mugendie is not one to be taken lightly. He is the fourth most power creature in hell, and has no qualms about using that power. He despises demons, and kills them frequently. Mugendie is known as the 'god of death' amongst the demons, because he responsible for at least half of all demon deaths. (So what was he doing at a mall? Well, killing demons, and just generally keeping himself entertained.) Mugy's mentally unstable (as would be expected) and should be avoided at all costs!
Mosite Clarre-clan
Age: 19117 [191]
Height: around 6'05"
Species: Smoke Angel (adult)
Family: Wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter, others
Something of a mini-villain, Mosite was once the fiance of Grace (Havoc and Malice's mother). He is still bitter about losing Grace to Perzika, and will do what he can to cause trouble.
Caster & Pollex
Age: About 7,000,000 (now 'deceased')
The evil twin magics were originally created from the half of Meriadarie's soul that was taken by Mugendie. They caused a great deal of trouble in the past, but more recently were defeated by prince Olivine.
(Other Forms of Property Damage)
Age: (exact unknown, but is about 2,000,000 years younger than Mugendie)
Height: 5'07"
Species: Devil (not a demon)
Family: Mother, brother Mugendie
Power Rank: 7th
Patronal Element: Water/Rain
Less powerful than her murderous brother, Meriadarie isn't exactly a villain, but she's not one of the good guys either. ^^; Long ago, Meriadarie fell victim to her brother's bloodlust and lost half of her soul in the process. She remains a shadow of her former self, but is continually trying to get the rest of her soul back.
Age: (exact unknown) at least 13,750,000 [137,500 in demon terms]
Height: 5'11"
Species: Devil (not a demon)
Family: Father, sister Videmy, his own descendents
Power Rank: 6th
Patronal Element: Lava/Fire
The cousin of Mugendie and Meriadarie, this bubbly new addition to the cast is actually a he. No one is really sure why, but Pyx choses to make himself look female when around demons. His reasons for appearing suddenly aren't known either, but since he and Mugendie are supposed to hate each other, Pyx is probably just there to meddle in Mugy's plans. (There seems to be more to them than meets the eye.) Pyxoliperi is known to have an explosive temper, is believed to control the flow of lava in hell, and is the patron of the cat demons.
Age: (exact unknown) at least 17,000,000 [170,000 in demon terms]
Height: 5'01"
Species: Devil (not a demon)
Family: Sire (the Dark Lord), brother Aree-Aru, son Mugendie, daughter Meriadarie
Power Rank: 2nd
Patronal Element:
Proof that big things come in small packages, Kura-Kurree is it when you're looking for the most feared and revered creature in hell. K-K is immensely powerful, second only to the Dark Lord. She dotes mostly on her son, and doesn't get along with her brother at all. No one really knows why she always seems to be wearing a mask, but it is rumored that it is to hide her paralyzing beauty. (Cheesy, eh?) K-K's animal form is a massive dragon, and the four dragon demon species were created as a present for her. She is called the 'mother goddess' by many demons.

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