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The author lady has lost her mind.Sforzie
The one, the only.

The Sforzie is, as of late, completely out of her mind, and generally unavailable for comment. Unless she starts talking about something. Then you may need to administer sedatives (you know, blunt objects, Pokemon, stuffed animals) to shut her up again.

The Sforzie likes loves Pokemon, and will beat you to within a few centimeters of your life if you mock her for this. She also enjoys other RPG video games, such as the Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dark Cloud, and Zelda series. Though she has yet to actually finish a Zelda game other than Majora's Mask, and she will NOT play FFXI. Nope. (Edit: The Sforzie managed to beat Windwaker too, but never actually got around to finishing the Minish Cap. Lazy.)

The Sforzie's zodiac sign is the Rooster. Which means she needs praise. Lots and lots of praise. The more the better, and the more, the more productive she is. And less violent. And more likely to draw wang. 

The Sforzie HATES DOGS.

The Sforzie's livejournal is HERE. Read at your own peril.

About Demonic Boppu:
Malice and Havoc were created on August 17, 2001, as a result of my unhealthy obsession with certain Final Fantasy villains. ^^; The first page of Demonic Boppu was drawn on August 24, and it started airing here on Keenspace a few weeks later.

Creation: Demonic Boppu is drawn completely on the computer, in Painter 8/Painter Classic with my nifty little Wacom graphics tablet. ::hugs tablet:: (Was originally drawn in Adobe Photoshop, but Painter kicks its butt.) Evitsu Evitsu is still drawn completely on the computer with the tablet, in Painter Classic.


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Demonic Boppu and Evitsu Evitsu are property of Sforzie (Michelle Thompson), 2001-2005. Steal and I sic Mugy on you. ^_^