Fun Stuff!

fun stuff!]
Art Archives @ Deviantart-- The Art Archives have been moved to a new account at Deviantart.
Sforzie's Art @ Deviantart-- Another location to find the better pickings of new DB art. (Especially Pyx stuff.)
DB Art @ Y!gallery-- Most of the same as at Deviantart, but also some random smuttiness that I can't post there. :3

NEW! The Demonic Boppu Character Registry -- Listing almost all of the characters that appeared in the comic. Includes pictures. Wee.

Fanart Gallery -- Demonic Boppu fanart sent in by nice people. ^^

Linna -- The story behind the dagger that Oli carries around. Includes a rather violent Mugendie, so this story has been given a general PG-15+ rating. It's for maturer readers, 'kay?
[ part 1] [ part 2 ] [ part 3 ] [ part 4 + epilogue]

Why Dragons Sleep -- The story mentioned by Havoc during chapter 9, this tells the tale of how Grace and Perzika met, and how Perzika ended up cursed. (This thing has been over two years in the works. Crazy.)
part 1 ] [ part 2 ] [ part 3 ]

Pronunciation Guide -- Ever wonder how to say something in Demonic Boppu? Well, even if you haven't, you'll learn how here.

Demon Body Guides -- Get a better understanding of the appearances of different mid-form demons. (Links will take you to pages on Deviantart.)

Questions from the Readers. -- I couldn't make this stuff up. I don't hate myself that much. ^^;


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