Pronunciation Guide

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The way to say some names in Demonic Boppu is obvious (like Malice and Havoc, since they're real nouns), but some need a little helping...

Name Say it right!
Hoppu Hop-poo
Colquitt Coal-quit
Galena Gah-lee-nah
Perzika Purr-zee-kah
Patrisse Pah-triece (like niece)
Le Gran Lay Gran
Olivine Ah-lih-veen
Isobel Ih-so-bell
Peridot Pear-ih-dough
Roxene Rock-seen
Pyrope Pie-rope
Synth Sinth
Akumu Ah-koo-moo
Mugendie Moo-gehn-die-ee
Meriadaire Mee-ree-ah-day-ree
Kura-Kurree Koo-rah Koor-ree
Linna Lih-na
Kisle Kyle
Pyxoliperi Picks-ah-lih-pear-ee

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