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Sometimes I worry about my readers. Why? Because y'all ask questions that perplex me. (And I won't go into the grammar.) All these questions were posed through the comment feature on the main page. Ask me a question, and it might show up here! (Huzzah. Though, note, these aren't everything I've gotten.) Newest are at the top, my comments are below, in italics.
Date: Sept 21, 2004
From: ?
the hell... btw,me and my friend thought you'd be drawing
havoc the uke,but now you're making havoc much bigger than what's
the deal?
ps.i love DB :3

Actually, Havoc has always been "bigger" than Oli. He's several inches taller (Oli likes to wear heels, mind you, and Havoc wears flats), and has a more solid build than the rather skinny prince. And as for who is seme and uke, it's never really been set in stone until recently... Maybe it's the haircut?

Date: August 28, 2004
I'd like to know that little question too. How does he shower
so quickly?

Urm... well... it's a secret. Mwahaha. (That and he doesn't have to wash his hair.) Mwahaha. Hahah. Ha.

Date: August 20, 2004
From: mm
has havoc cut his hair Oli did.

Date: August 11, 2004
From: "Julian"

I really like the art on this chapter cover.
I have been waiting for this next chapter for a while.

I have a question why is olivine gay. Is havoc bisexual or something.I
mean havoc has that hot bunny girl for a "girlfriend".Even though he
says his mom would be mad becuase of the fact she is a bunny girl.Even
though Most guys in this world can see that she is one hot bunny girl.
Sorry about the ranting but i just had to rant.
Thanks in advance.

Dude, even over a month later this one still gets me. ^^; In fact, I ranted quite extensively about this to other people. So, here you go. The pure, unedited excerpt from my lj ranting on this matter:

"I mean...why is Oli gay? WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?? I'm hoping this isn't one of those "omg, being gay is a disease, but shock therapy will cure it" people. To be honest, I don't even think that Oli *is* gay. He just likes Havoc. Even if he was gay, it wouldn't matter. Shouldn't matter, at least. To the demons, it wouldn't matter. (As I think I'm said before, around 20-25% of the demon population is gay/bi. It's seen as a means of natural population control. There is little to no moral sentiment that being gay is wrong.)
Havoc's probably bi. ::shrug::
The whole reason that Meranda is an issue at all, is because it's Havoc's mother being a hypocrite. She can't HELP being a hypocrite, it's in her blood. Smoke angels are very uppity about keeping "standards." Which it why it's ironic that she married outside her species. That's the WHOLE POINT. Havoc and Meranda were fuck buddies. And best friends. Nothing wrong with that. ::shrug::
And by demon standards, Meranda's a fairly average looking bunny girl. :\"

Scary, aren't I.

Preach it, little Hoppu.



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